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Friday Focus: Kreative Kustomz 305

An interview with Kebby Thervil, the owner of Kreative Kustomz 305 on

It’s time for the Friday Focus where we take a deeper dive into some of the lesser known brands that are on the come up. This week we had a chance to speak with Kebby Thervil, the owner of Kreative Kustomz 305.

About the Brand

Kreative Kustomz 305 was founded in January of 2016. Originally creating custom drink ware, the company evolved into custom promotional products and ultimately landed into streetwear and fashion. Kreative Kustomz 305 embodies creativity through art and design and incorporates all cultures in the design process.

You started out making custom drink ware you mean like pimp cups? How did that come about?

Nah, it wasn’t the pimp cups that are associated with NAS and Lil John, it was making custom mason jars Fat Tuesday style. That led to other custom promotional products like phone cases and key chains. 

So the promotional products ultimately led you to streetwear?

Yeah, I was heavy into sublimation, then I got a heat press, started turning my ideas into reality and that’s when money started flowing. That’s when I knew my future was in streetwear.

It’s interesting I look at your stuff and I see 7 products and they are all moneybag related. Why all moneybag related?

We’re going to be releasing themed collections and our first drop the Bag Secured Collection was all about money, the hustle and the grind associated with making money and the bag was a fresh way to convey the concept. The goal was to create unique designs that could be paired with streetwear culture. From the time I decided I would launch the brand till the actual launch date it took about seven months, and now here we are. I launched my first collection on my site February this year and my collection is also available on

Speaking of the Bag Secured Collection I can’t help but notice the pineapple moneybag. I recently read that pineapples and board shorts are the new peanut butter and jelly. Why this recent fascination with pineapples and streetwear?

For me it wasn’t the popularity of the pineapple, it was more the shape. I mean in my mind I look at it and I just see a bag with money coming out of the top of it. It was really just an idea that became something. There really isn’t any other meaning behind it.

Explain your process of turning an idea into an actual product? 

I do a lot of research. I spend months reading, watching shows, diving into anything I can get my hands on that is related to the topic.

I see, so you sort of treat it like an actor does a role?

Yeah, exactly. I really immerse myself in it. It becomes me and then the ideas start coming.

What brands inspired you back in the day?

I never really was much of a brand guy. Making custom things was a hobby for me. Rather than attach myself to a brand, I looked into how stuff was being made. I would see sites like Vistaprint and it got me thinking I can do that. So I partnered with a screen printer and haven’t looked back since.

What brands do you respect today?

As I was entering the streetwear game, I definitely followed brands like the Hundreds, Pink Dolphin and 8&9 another local brand here in Miami. I would follow what they did right and I would learn from their mistakes 

So speaking of Miami since Dwayne Wade has retired this year there has been a lot of talk about who biggest sports icon is in the 305. Is it Dan Marino or Dwayne Wade?  

It was Marino for a long time, but with this new digital age, I’d have to say its shifted to D Wade. But just the fact that Marino is still in the conversation speaks to how great he was and what he’s done for the community. With that being said I think millennials are more connected to D Wade.

If you could share one message to the people that are loyal to your brand what would that be?

Stay tuned. In July we will be dropping our Space Cadets themed collection featuring 15-20 new designs that will be out of this world.

Brand: Kreative Kustomz 305
Release: Available NOW
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The Bag Secured Collection from Kreative Kustomz 305



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