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Friday Focus: Faded Royalty

An interview with Roc Giordano owner of streetwear brand Faded Royalty and a look at new streetwear hats, shirts and other apparel currently featured on

It’s time for our Friday Focus where we take a deeper dive into some of the lesser-known streetwear brands on the come up. This week we put our focus on Faded Royalty.

Faded Royalty is a New York centric streetwear brand. Their motto has always been to deliver great products for competitive prices without being overly produced. They offer an array of premium goods mostly made in NYC. Their specialties include hats, t-shirts, cut and sew button-ups, and much more. we had a chance to chat with the owner Roc Giordano. Here's how it went down.

Hey Roc. Thanks for taking the time to talk. Let’s discus your background for a sec, where are you from?

I’m from Jersey City and that’s where I opened my fist store in 2010, before expanding to Manhattan.

We’ve read your bio and learned you have a strong history in music working with some very big names including Snoop Dogg, LL Cool J and even Bruce Springsteen.

Yeah, I have a history with Loud Records and was really involved in the 2007 Jam Awards working with Run DMC, De La Soul, Mobb Deep, EPMD, the list goes on.

That’s some serious talent right there. What got you started in streetwear?

At the time music was spiraling downhill. Everyone was file sharing and stealing music. There was no streaming. It was just a free for all. I was always interested in streetwear so I decided to give it a go and never looked back.

Faded Royalty is an interesting name. How did it come about?

Most people thing it’s associated with smoking weed and getting faded. That’s really not it at all and you can sort of see that with my collections. We got nothing against weed, it’s just not the basis for our name. The name actually comes from royalty as in kings and queens. Let's say a king has two sons; the first son is next in line and has to act proper as a king would be expected to behave. The other son is still the son of the king, but he can pretty much do what he wants. That kind of the philosophy we have. We make our own products. We do what we want. 

Awesome. That’s a great backstory. What came first the store or the brand?

The store came first and I wasn’t seeing things I actually liked that I would wear so I decided to make my own designs. 

So is that what differentiates you from other brands?

Yes, the fact that we do our own manufacturing and created our own silhouettes sets us apart. We don’t do any wholesale so we’ve kept a close tight-knit relationship with our customer base. No pun intended. All of our apparel is also made right here in New York and limited to 36 pieces per item.

What are some of the influences for your designs?

Music is a strong one. I was really into The Who Velvet Underground, Lou Reed. I wanted to be like them and dress like them. Another big influence was a punk band from Lima Peru called Los Saicos. This is the band that started the punk scene and this was back in 1964. These guys were so ahead of their time.

Can you name a signature item you started with that sort of put you on the map?

Yes, our button ups. We started making them 10 years ago. Also we were the first to take materials from our shirts and make matching 5-panel hats to match them.

Can you name a brand that you respect today?

I really appreciate Aime Leon Dore. Their stuff is really nice. They’re definitely doing things right.

What’s your biggest challenge in the streetwear business?

Probably the fact that the industry its oversaturated. Anybody can just put designs on shirts, promote on social media and call it a brand. I want to keep introducing new things. That’s the reason I opened my own store.

What are your plans for Faded Royalty in 2020?

Our goal is to keep it fresh. We’re also going to be introducing some new silhouettes. They are going to be funky and crazy. Stay tuned.

There you have it. A quick look behind the scenes at Faded Royalty. Roc talked about Button Up shirts. Here’s one of their short sleeve button ups that we'd be proud to um...rock. You can check out more of the Faded Royalty collection below.

Brand: Faded Royalty
Model: Short Sleeve Button Up
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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