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Friday Focus: Born Fly

An interview with Andre Pabon from streetwear brand Born Fly to discuss his recent shirts, shorts, jackets and hoodies now featured on

It’s time for our LacednLit Friday Focus where we take a deeper dive into some of the lesser-known streetwear brands on the come up. This week we had a chance to spend a few minutes with Andre Pabon, from Born Fly.

About the Brand

Founded in 2004, Born Fly has developed from a small NYC-based t-shirt line into a full streetwear collection. Born Fly extends beyond simple trends, and is instead propelled by a progressive energy to create unique urban clothes with attitude. The company develops its inspirations from the same subcultures that it targets: hip-hop, graffiti, and skate. Worn by hip-hop celebrities and targeted at style-conscious urban young men, Born Fly is an ever-expanding brand that stays true to the collective progressive energy that spawned the current youth generation's cultural influences. 

Andre, we want to start by saying we love what you guys are doing. In fact a couple of us here at LnL copped that Cap'n Come Up Hoodie as soon as we saw it.

Ha. Yeah man. That’s been a big hitter for us. In fact it’s a best seller and 1-5 the most talked about item on IG. Thanks for the support.

We see Born Fly got started in 2004. What’s your background? How did you get started in streetwear?

Actually the brand was started by three brothers who each had their own mini styles that they were involved with. Born Fly incubated there.

Speaking of your products where do your ideas for your designs come from?

Just brainstorming really. Stuff we like. We try to keep things in themed collections, I call it hood culture, but the themes are stuff we used to do, video games, cartoons, cereal you know what we loved back then we bring back with a new spin on it. We try to keep the themes consistent but different enough to avoid a cease and desist. Nobody wants that.

We also notice that your attention to detail is on point. Meaning the combination of screen-printing and high quality embroidery really stands out. Is this a focal point for Born Fly?

Yes for sure. The President of the company Evan Davis keeps a keen eye on quality. That a huge focus for him and all of us take pride in our quality.

We notice that you also do Big & Tall releases for your more popular items. How did that come about and has it been well received?

A lot of ballers, meaning people that play ball, like our stuff and they are usually for the most part a lot bigger than most people. Stuff fits big guys different and when they find a brand they like they become loyal off the get, because there really isn’t a lot out there for them.

Talk about Anytown USA. What's the story behind that?

We’re a New York centric brand, but we didn’t just want to be all about New York. We wanted to be inclusive and not exclusive and not tied to any specific region so that’s why Anytown USA was born.

Can you name the brands that you followed when you were just starting out?

Oh for sure, Carhart, Starter, Columbia, Mecca USA, the work wear with Mobb Deep was fresh and I dug anything Italian so Fila was another big one for me.

What brands today do you respect? And what is it you like about them?

You know I really like Anti Social Social Club and what the brand stands for. I mean nobody knows who he is but he has earned my respect and they got like 2 million followers. Another one I follow is PRPS. Their off-white stuff is so beautiful. It’s all minimal yet vibrant. It pops at you, ya know!

Is there a signature piece that put Born Fly on the map? One item that you’re most proud of?

Well that Capn’ Come Up Hoodie was the most recent but our most popular item ever was a Street Fighter Hoodie we did a ways back, that thing got a million likes. Crazy!

What’s coming down the pipeline for Born Fly to cap off spring and start summer?

We just finished a couple projects. One was a retro candy inspired themed collection featuring some designs people are going to love. Airheads, Sour Patch Kids etc. We also did this promotion with local up and coming Hip Hop artists in Atlanta. Some items are available now on and some are coming very soon.

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