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Sneaker Features

HIP AND BONE Founder talks new Lego Sneaker Drop and More

HIP AND BONE Founder talks new Lego Sneaker Drop and More

HIP AND BONE have released a new Lego inspired sneaker in four amazing colorways to complement any look.

Do a quick Google search for Lego shoes and you’ll find some extra padded slippers to protect you from fierce pain set on by tiny plastic bricks with very sharp corners. Dig a little deeper and you’ll see this inspiring new drop from our peeps at HIP AND BONE.

First of all, we love anything suede so this is one of the most interesting drops in a while. (When I look for a shoe I look for a few things….a simple design, a wide toe box for my flipper like feet and breathability. Because I run hot and my feet are always on fire). These Legos check all the boxes. Check out the selection of colorways. Our personal fav is the cream. We call them the cream of the crop. So subtly clunky and that ultra-kush, soft could foam sole to make you appear large and in charge! 

We recently had a chance to sit down with Carlos Fogelman the creator/owner of HIP AND BONE and ask him a few questions about his company, his new Lego shoe, what’s on the horizon and any advice for people trying to get into the game.

Percy: What’s the story behind your logo?

Carlos: The infinite loop represents all four areas of direction, north, south, east and west. It also conveys the fact that what goes around comes around. This applies to fashion and in life.

Percy: What’s the meaning behind the name HIP AND BONE?

Carlos: It’s best described on our website as “Hip” into elegance that is transcendent... Elegance that is visceral... Elegance that resonates deep in the bone.

Percy: Give me a few words that best describe the HIP AND BONE mantra.

Carlos: Timeless. Quality. And Comfort. Those words sum it up, but something else we strive for, as a company is to make the world a better space through education and understanding. We feel that people need to be more aware, be more kind. Just be better people! This message is more important now than ever. 

Percy: What got you started in the industry?

Carlos: My family is from South America with three generations in the textile business. I have a passion for fabrics, how they last, how they feel on your face, your feet etc. This is what got me going. I started making very high quality pima cotton tees. I was one of the first to do it. Back then you could really only find boxy, standard fit tees. My tees changed the game for me.

Percy: How much of your business does footwear represent?

Carlos: We joined the footwear category in 2015. Today it’s one of our best performing categories. We love making comfortable stylish shoes.

Percy: I love this new Lego shoe. Was the toy the inspiration or did it just end up looking like a Lego?

Carlos: For me it was the fact that this shoe is chunky but it’s light. In fact it’s our lightest model of any sneaker. The color palate of the Multi-color version brought back memories of playing with Legos as a kid. And just look at the shoe. It’s like pieces are stacked on other pieces of the shoe, just like building something with Legos. We created it to mix up what you’ve seen in the past. It’s kind of like old meets new. 

Percy: What brands inspired you growing up?

Carlos: Like most kids of the era, I was all about Nike growing up. They were just better quality and had a better fit than anything else at the time. Recently I’m a big fan of Adidas and more specifically what they are doing with their collaborative efforts with other brands. Some really amazing stuff is coming from those Collabs.

Percy: Do You Collect Shoes? 

Carlos: I have a modest shoe collection in storage, nothing crazy but I’ve got a few gems. I find myself rocking my own brand more often than not, for obvious reasons.

Percy: If you had a few words of advice for someone just starting out in the Footwear and apparel space. What would you say?

Carlos: Ha! Actually that’s a good question because I speak to classes of young entrepreneurs. First I tell them…don’t do it! Then I usually follow up with the explanation that 90% of them will fail. And only 10% have a chance. That’s if they have the ability to live in a friend’s basement for 6-8 years, drive someone else’s car and have something special to offer the industry. If they are still listening I explain that my hook was my extensive, experience in textiles and my passion for functional quality designs. Without something to differentiate you, you’re in trouble. This industry will chew you up and spit you out.

Percy: One last question for you Carlos…. We try to be first here at Can you give us a hint of what might be coming down the pipeline at HIP AND BONE?

Carlos: Glad you asked. We’re about to roll out a series of tie-dye products made with a special process we’ve been working on. The designs are amazing. We’ve also got a few new Lego drops coming soon. I can’t tell you much more at this time, but check the teaser pics below.

The Lego Shoe is designed as a mid-height multi-material sports shoe.

Tech features:

  • 4-way stretch sock construction upper
  • Soft could foam sole
  • Genuine suede and leather paneling 

Model: The Lego Shoe - Multicolor, Cream, Triple Black, White/Black(SE)
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

Price: $189


Coming Soon




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