Artist Spotlight: We Drop In With TIST ONE

We share the story behind Tist One, an artist based in Hollywood, California that draws inspiration from family and faith.

Tist One is a Korean-American artist based in Hollywood, California. The Bible is where he draws his inspiration from for his artwork which he creates with oil, acrylic and Flashe vinyl paint. The stories, characters and the gospel of Jesus Christ are what he’s most passionate about. When he’s not painting, Tist One enjoys skateboarding and pop-locking to 90’s hip-hop. We’re feeling ya Tist and we’re loving your work.

We’re in awe of all the pieces in the Tist One collection, but we definitely need to dedicate some wall space for Grace. This  ready to hang wood framed poster is printed on museum-quality paper  and sits behind shatterproof, transparent plexiglass. As Tist says, “Humans are like cats. We both like to be independent and want things to go our way.”

Brand: Tist One
Model: GRACE
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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