The Tasty Logan Lime Flame From STRAYE

We show some love for skateboarding footwear brand Straye by Jamie Thomas and check out the beautiful Logan Lime Flame.

Born in 2017 in conjunction with Jamie Thomas, Angel Cabada and Chad Muska, STRAYE is a brand created for today’s youth. They are skaters, artists, activists, fashion designers, music producers, founders and creative directors. These peeps look different, act different and think differently. Straye actively supports skateboarding, and their team currently includes Boo Johnson, Jamie Thomas, Antwuan Dixon, Dane Vaughn, Windsor James, Lem West and Brandon Turner. This is a company that believes in self-expression and creating what’s next. Their products are forward, fluid and unexpected and tell their story through bold messaging, vivid color palettes and unmatched value.

What do you get when you mix a Hiland and a Stanley? The Logan is born! A silhouette that didn’t exist. This fresh hybrid is ideal for any skater, athletic type or gamer. It features a suede toe, eye-stay, tongue and heel area, with a flip up hidden message. This Lime iteration dropped just in time for spring and will definitely be appreciated by any Easter Bunnies on the block. Let’s crack some eggs and Tread Loudly!

Model: Logan Lime Flame
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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