We take a moment to show some love for Westside Love, a streetwear brand out of Cali that specializes in dope headwear that belongs in any serious lid collection.

Westside Love was founded in 2009 by Jordan Stark and Tony Martinez as a sign of affection for their home, the Pacific side of the United States of America. Westside Love was their response to an “I Love New York” t-shirt, providing something that people on the West Coast could associate with. The Westside Love logo stands alone as an icon that is instantly associated with a feeling, a vibe, a location and a state-of-mind. Westside Love was born out of love for music, art, design, and the west coast. These guys believe in the power of the collective spirit, organizing and building bridges between communities and showing love for people and places everywhere. 

One of Westside Love’s first drops for 2023 is this Fin City Fitted in conjunction with New Era. The Fin City design pays homage to the vibrant and passionate city of San Jose, also known as Teal City and Fin City. San Jose has always shown up big for The Teal, and they show up big for Westside Love. This hat is also being embraced by loyal Miami Dolphins fans like yours truly…who happen to be residing on the West Coast.

Brand: Westside Love
Model: Fin City Fitted
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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