Brand Spotlight: We Drop In With PRESSURV

We take a moment to showcase Pressurv, a shoe care brand based in New York that’s dedicated to putting an end to creasing.

Pressurv aka PRSV is a shoe care brand based in NYC that was created by Nico Tramontana and his friends Tobias Levine and CJ Lepera. Being sneaker collectors themselves, the team recognized a need to preserve the pristine condition of their prized pairs.  The key target areas for every frustrated shoe enthusiast or every day shoe wearer is the center toe area and the extreme creasing that occurs on the upper and sides of the toe box. That’s why Pressurv was born. The brand’s patented Air-Wing® Technology pinpoints the areas of extreme creasing and wear. Studies on thousands of shoes, from all designs, to models and brands, the PRSV team was able to build a patented design and utilitarian air bladder that when inflated, brings your shoes back to their original form and more importantly, helps them retain that original shape and condition coveted by sneakerheads worldwide.

The Platinum Package is our suggestion to get you started on the path to zero creasing. This pack includes two Air-Wing®  Bladders, two Backbone® bases, and two two-way hand pump. Just inflate and appreciate. It’s that easy!

Model: Platinum Package
Release: Available NOW
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