Be Most Fly With Holiday Fits From BORN FLY

Streetwear brand Born Fly has just dropped  their Holiday  2022 collection and we take an up close look. 

Founded in 2004, Born Fly has developed from a small NYC-based t-shirt line into a full streetwear collection. Born Fly extends beyond simple trends, and is instead propelled by a progressive energy to create unique urban clothes with attitude. The company develops its inspirations from the same subcultures that it targets: hip-hop, graffiti, and skate. Worn by hip-hop celebrities and targeted at style-conscious urban young men, Born Fly is an ever-expanding brand that stays true to the collective progressive energy that spawned the current youth generation’s cultural influences.

Flannel is always fly and this Fly Union Woven will help you soar to new heights. As part of their Holiday 2022 collection this dope shirt features front button pockets on the chest, slip pocket for your phone and reinforced elbow patches for that rugged look that says you’re ready to put in work.

Brand: Born-Fly
Model: Fly Union Woven
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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