We Drop In With SOLEPACK

We share the story behind Solepack, a sneaker accessory brand that protects your gear and has your back.

The Solepack journey began in the Staten Island-NYC area in the late 90s. The cultural hotbed of NYC around those times played a heavy influence on the movement. As a student, commuter,  b-baller and sneaker enthusiast Solepack’s founder, Michael Sala, needed a way to store his shoes on the go. Constantly running out of room in his backpack, Mike would end up carrying around a plastic bag just for shoes. He looked for a product that let him store his shoes on his backpack, but there were none… so Mike invented one himself! His signature product the SP-1 featured a patented design that stores your kicks on the sides of your backpack, providing the most ergonomic means of storage during travel. No more dangling kicks from your pack and no more need to carry that extra bag for your shoes. The brand does not only make dope products, they are also doing great things in the community by sponsoring events and collaborating on some really special projects.

In celebration of the late, great Dr. Martin Luther King, this Tribute Bag is symbolic of the continued fight for equality. The collaboration with Jayson Atienza was a natural fit as both brands continue to create and connect with purpose and function. Jayson’s signature designs are unlike any other and having them bless our unique sneaker carrying backpacks make this capsule truly a collectible. Packing because the fight for what is right never stops. Never forgetting the past and creating within our medium to express and remind that the fight continues to this day. We humbly do our small part to always keep equality at the forefront.

Brand: Solepack
Model: Martin Luther King Tribute Bag
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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