Brand Spotlight: We Drop In With IN-HOUSE

We take a moment to showcase In-House, a streetwear brand straight outta Detroit, Michigan that’s currently hanging out in Cali.

In-House Clothing is a streetwear brand that was founded in Detroit, Michigan in the fall of 2020. At the time, In-House was actually an NFL sports agency, however, the pandemic did its thing and led the company towards fashion. Brand founder Ian Jenkins told us “There’s a common saying that everything comes full circle and it couldn’t be more true. Professional athletes that In-House either represented or recruited are often spotted in our premium fabrics or carrying our full grain vintage leather duffle bag.”

Just recently in April, In-House expanded its market to California and the Golden State has welcomed the brand with open arms. In fact, the first store in California to stock In-House, was the nationally known CookiesNKicks located on Melrose Avenue. Fashion is known to be an expressive art and their mission is to spread their message through each product. This brand is all about inclusion, equality, freedoms, honesty, purity and integrity. Keep it In-House!

Anybody check the NFL rankings this week? Guess who’s on top? Yep! The Miami Dolphins. Not gonna lie even if the Phins weren’t leading the pack, we’re all in on this Miami Cotton Twill 5-Panel. Featuring a custom, fierce iteration of the Dolphins throwback logo, surrounded by barbed wire it also has embroidery and screen printing throughout. This snapback reminds us that ”From where your hustle determines your salary”. Much Respect. Phins Up!

Brand: In-House
Model: Miami Cotton Twill 5-Panel Snapback
Release: Available NOW
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