Brand Spotlight: We Drop In With RIPNDIP

We take a moment to showcase RIPNDIP, a skateboarding/streetwear/lifestyle brand born in Orlando and based in Los Angeles. 

RIPNDIP is the brainchild of Ryan O’Connor out of Orlando, Florida. O’Connor started out making T-shirts, with “Ripndip” scrawled across his skateboard. In 2009, he began selling T-shirts at camp to other kids for $10. Allegedly, camp officials kicked him out for drawing attention away from sales of the camp’s own T-shirts. The entrepreneurial spirit stayed with Ryan and actually flourished when he moved to Los Angeles where the brand is based today. Their flagship location resides at 441 North Fairfax Avenue. That’s where Keith Hufnagel, founder of Huf Worldwide, linked O’Connor up with some manufacturers and taught him the basics of building a brand. 

When asked what his signature product was Ryan replied, “Definitely our Lord Nermal Pocket tee. I thought it would be really funny to have Nerm flip everyone off when you pulled down the pocket.” About five months after the release, Lord Nermal went viral and demand for the shirts surged. A decade later Lord Nermal can be found on just about anything imaginable including this Backpack and RIPNDIP is still shredding the skateboard and streetwear scene with a dope and diverse collection of apparel, sneakers, accessories and much more.

Model: Lord Nermal Backpack
Release: Available NOW
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