We share the story behind the rise, fall and resurrection of Fallen Footwear, a skateboarding brand by Jamie Thomas and friends.

Established in 2003 by Jamie Thomas, Fallen Footwear is a skateboarding brand based in Oceanside, California. Since the beginning when Jamie left Circa, the Fallen name was dedicated to producing shoes and apparel of the highest quality for those pushing the limits of skateboarding and they were doing just that for more than a decade. Unfortunately Fallen underwent trials and tribulations and was put to rest in the spring of 2016. A few years later, Fallen was resurrected with Chris Cole, Tommy Sandoval and Billy Marks coming home to rejoin their original footwear sponsors. This was an important move for the brand because with these guys on the team, Fallen had produced multiple best-selling signature products and were on top of their game. Now with this global rebrand the future for Fallen Footwear is bright. Their plan is to re-release some of their best-selling pieces, followed by creating new signature items that are sure to become iconic fan favorites. Rise With The Fallen!

The original Chris Cole Trooper first dropped in 2005. This latest Scarlet Red iteration is a tribute to the classic Chris Cole signature model but has been redesigned by Cole to fit what he likes most in a cup-sole shoe . Offering the original look of the “Trooper” while maximizing comfort , durability  and overall function, the Trooper is built to last. Isn’t that super?

Brand: Fallen Footwear
Model:  Scarlet Red Cupsole Trooper 
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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