We spotlight The Rad Black Kids, a sustainable fashion brand with roots from Zimbabwe to Portugal and beyond.

The Rad Black Kids is a sustainable streetwear brand that was founded in 2014 by Thulani Ngazimbi. Thulani was born in Zimbabwe and now resides in Portugal. He began building longboards simply because he couldn’t afford one. Utilizing his background in architecture his boards were designed with skateboarders in mind and The Rad Black Kids was born. Thulani has taken the same approach with his apparel and subsequent footwear collections. 

Now with structured seasonal drops, the goal of each collection is to create an immersive storytelling experience and The Rad Black Kids has evolved into a brand that excels with narrative based product design. With each product made in Portugal, sustainability and reduction of carbon emissions are paramount to the company. In fact, they have been planting a tree for every product sold since their inception, and now, due to the catastrophic climate emergency, they plant 20 trees for each and every product sold. Respect!

Another thing to note about Thulani is he’s an avid surfer and yes, The Rad Black Kids can surf. This Save Our Oceans T-Shirt, not only pays homage to the sport, but also the planet. Because everyone knows that we can’t surf space…or can we?

Brand: The Rad Black Kids
Model: Save Our Oceans T-Shirt
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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