We spotlight Sir Winston, a sustainable fashion brand born in Australia and based in New York.

Sir Winston is a sustainable fashion brand founded by New York-based Australian musician and designer Winston Giles aka  @winstongiles_ . As a  recording artist and  producer, Winston has released many albums under different monikers and worked as music supervisor for the biggest fashion brands in the world, working on hundreds of campaigns for brands such as Dior, Fendi, Balenciaga, Victoria’s Secret & Valentino.

Winston is captivated by the romance between music and fashion. His journey in fashion design began in 2000 with a shop in his hometown Melbourne Australia, showcasing local art and music and selling his clothing designs made from recycled Australian Army uniforms. Passionate about the environment, he studied sustainability and has a Masters Degree in Sustainability from Bond University in Australia. With Sir Winston, his passionate journey continues, bringing his sustainable heart and rockstar spirit together by offering ethical and eco-friendly clothing and accessories to distinguished young rebels everywhere.

This new “Sex in Paris” collection is Inspired by the 1974 soft porn French film “Emmanuelle” and the ensuing sexual liberation movement. The film follows the lead character Emmanuelle a young woman who takes a trip to Bangkok to enhance her sexual experience. This Organic Unisex Oversize T-Shirt captures the spirit of the movie and sends the message that whether man or woman, straight or gay, you’re comfortable with your sexuality and could give a damn about anybody’s opinion.

Brand: Sir Winston
Model: Sex In Paris 1974 Oversized Unisex T-Shirt
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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