We Feature New York’s Own SINCE 1982

We share the story behind SINCE 1982 a streetwear brand that was born and raised in NYC. 

SINCE 1982 is a multi-faceted platform for creativity that was created by Eddie Almonte. He established the New York centric brand in 2013 and still currently operates out of the Bronx. Why the name SINCE 1982 you ask? Good question! Short story is that a lot of ish went down in 1982 and the name SINCE 1982 represents the shift of all the things going on in pop culture, fashion and music during that year. This was a time when movies and sports culture came together, creating originality while still keeping a sense of familiarity. Some iconic moments of the year include David Letterman debuted “Late Night” and his first guest was Bill Murray, Dwight Clark made “The Catch” for the 49ers when they beat the Cowboys in the​​ NFC Championship Game and Michael Jackson released “Thriller” which is still the best selling album of all time. 1982 was also a year when streetwear was just cutting its teeth and many of those styles are often represented in the current SINCE 1982 collection which includes sneaker match tees, hoodies, hats and more… all featuring grit from the city they were spawned. 

One piece that stood out to us was this All We Ask Is Trust Snapback. For this item Eddie decided to keep it simple for his slogan, a Black Hat with White stitching that says “All We Ask Is Trust”. Is that too much to ask? We say it depends on who you are asking and if they believe in trusting the process. 

Brand: SINCE 1982
Model: All We Ask Is Trust Snapback
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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