Close Your Eyes & Open Your Mind With VERYRARE

We take a look behind the brand and share some of the latest artistic streetwear offerings from VERYRARE.

VERYRARE is the creation of Raf Reyes. The London/ Paris-based artist puts together ultra-limited collaged-out lifestyle pieces that are based on intertwined narratives. This is no ordinary, mundane streetwear brand. VERYRARE is creating lifestyle benchmarks for the youth in the current and next generations to follow. Their collection isn’t just about clothing, these are artwork statement pieces to be worn while standing on the balconies of the world wonders, in moshpits, art studios, Netflix-&-chill couches, museums or even poolside. We like to refer to this category of streetwear as wearable art and it’s one of our favorites for real.

With Earth Day quickly approaching, it’s important to note that VERYRARE also does their part to be a sustainable company. In fact Raf has pledged to give a portion of all his net results to the planet via the “For The Planet” association and all of their packaging/mailers are 100% organic and biodegradable. Raf and his team also push the envelope, trying new and improved cotton blends/ hybrids and strands, organic and combed, from sampling to production; all of which while not compromising on the other aspects of these premium garments. That’s a VERYRARE approach and one we can certainly get behind.

Let’s check out one of the masterpieces from the collection. Cut from 100% cotton, this Tropical SummVR 4ever” is the first-ever zipp’d up hoodie by VERYRARE. Heavily into traveling + making memories along the way, this one’s for all the wonderers, the adventurers, the summer-stashers, the tropical go-getters, the worldwide tourists & pVRists wanting to escape 4 a lil while…believe that!

Model: Tropical SummVR 4ever White
Release: Available NOW
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