We Tour These National Parks Long Sleeves From Girl Dangerous

We take a moment to check in on these new long sleeve tees from Girl Dangerous, a brand that’s composed of a talented team of women for women.

Very few streetwear brands these days are dedicated to females and we’re not down with that. This one is here to flip the script. Born in Los Angeles, California, Girl Dangerous is clothing brand that curates collections through graphic art to support, motivate, inspire, and empower women.  “Being a powerful woman does not mean you have to diminish your feminine style. Women are hardly contained to one characteristic. We are loving, we are flirty, we are composed, we are strong, we are shy, we rock out, we are poised. There are so many different aspects of our essence that make us whole, and we wanted to create a brand that reflects all of that. A woman who knows her worth is a dangerous one.” That’s a direct quote from the brand and it’s a powerful statement, one we can certainly get behind. 

Another important thing to note about Girl Dangerous is they are big on giveback, in fact, for every shirt purchase, they give a shirt to someone in need. Currently they have donated more than 6000 and counting. Respect!  Now let’s see what these National Park “Boyfriend Tees are all about.

With all the unisex offerings out there we needed to make a distinction that these are not Mens tees to be worn by women. Rather these National Parks Tour long sleeves were made for women, but with a baggy, more loose “Boyfriend” fit. Don’t be mistaken. Your boyfriend will not be stealing this Joshua Tree Long Sleeve, because it was made for you not him. With or without him, you can be wearing this tee wherever you like, even where the streets have no name.

Brand: Girl Dangerous
Model: Joshua Tree L/S “Boyfriend” Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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