Brand Spotlight: WOLFGANG MAN & BEAST Are Leading The Pack

For this week’s Brand Spotlight we take an up close look into Wolfgang Man & Beast, a brand built by dog lovers for dog lovers.

When Jeremiah (Jeremy) Murray and the other founders laid the plans for Wolfgang in Salt Lake City, Utah, they sought to combine two of their favorite passions; the process of creating world-class products and their beloved furry friends. The brand was created to celebrate the unique bond between dogs and their people. They offer premium American-made leashes, collars and harnesses for dogs of any size, using only the finest American textiles which ensure supreme quality and years of enjoyment. Wolfgang not only talks the talk, but they walk the walk. They have an amazing dog friendly workspace that has more of a warehome feel than any warehouse. These are true dog lovers making quality products that you and Man’s best friends are sure to love. 

One of the latest projects for Wolfgang is their RetroFit Collection. Some of you continue to celebrate the ‘80s. Others would prefer to forget them altogether. A bunch of you were not even born yet! Depending on where you fall in that matrix, you’ll either love or hate this RetroFit Dog Harness, it’s a mashup of quintessential poppy graphic elements designed to make your dog look rad! Patrick Nagel would be proud.

Brand: Wolfgang Man & Beast
Model: RetroFit Dog Harness
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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