Fits By Latinos For The World From HOUSE OF CHINGASOS

We spice things up with an up close look at Latino-inspired streetwear brand House of Chingasos by Carlos Ugalde.

In case you didn’t know, Chingasos is slang for a beating or going to blows and sometimes it can mean a lot more in certain circles. Based in Las Vegas, House Of Chingasos is a creation from Bolivia born Carlos Ugalde who first started his online store by just selling his shirts on Facebook. Ugalde knew he was onto something and with a lot of hard work and a little luck, what started out as a hobby, quickly evolved into sales and the brand saw over $1.9 million in profit last year, despite the financial impact of the pandemic. HOC was also well received by influential Latinos, including the actor Mario Lopez and Oscar De La Hoya, the former professional boxer. “Our mission is to introduce the world to the catchy phrases that represent Latino roots. We try to touch on things that are funny and sincere.” says Ugalde. 

Let’ taco bout funny and sincere for a moment and take a look at this Chingona Como Mi Madre which loosely translates too “I’m a fierce female and I get it from my Momma.” That’s a statement we can definitely get behind and we suggest you get this estupenda Tee while you still can.

Brand: House Of Chingasos
Model: Chingona Como Mi Madre   
Release: Available NOW
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