The Seahorse Party From Vincent Gordon x GRASSROOTS

Grassroots California is proud to present the Seahorse Party Collection from artist Vincent Gordon for 2022.

In 2009 Grassroots began making hats for a documentary film they were producing. Since then they have created fitted hats and snapbacks for some of the biggest names in the industry. Artists ranging from Method Man to the biggest names in the jam scene like Jerry Garcia and Griz to namedrop a few. Today Grassroots provides cutting edge state of the art designs in every item they create. They have thrived to be an industry leader by paying attention to every detail, and providing environmentally friendly hats constructed with hemp, recycled aluminum cans and ballistic material. It’s the little details that matter with Grassroots.

Straight outta the south side of Chicago, artist Vincent Gordon was inspired by pop culture and lowbrow art. He was able to merge these influences and found his direction and support from family and many friends with his grandma being a consistent source of support and positive energy. Vincent started an intense regimen of collaborations including works with Grassroots, Capital Butane, Sunshine Joy Company, Mood Mats, PBR and  High Times Magazine and a host of others. Collaborations continue to push Vincent as an artist supporting him to create stronger community bonds and influence counterculture.

Have you ever seen a seahorse eat its prey? It’s quite fascinating. They are actually stealth super killers that have the ability to sneak up behind their prey and use a powerful suction technique which allows them to inhale their prey with a single strike. So what does this have to do with streetwear you might ask? Absolutely nothing except it was a perfect subject matter for this latest collaboration between Vincent and Grassroots. Our favorite piece being this Seahorse Party Bucket Hat. Limited to just 300 pieces, it’s fully reversible and features sublimation printed artwork from Vincent Gordon throughout. This dope cap belongs on your bucket list. 

Brand: Grassroots California
Model: Vincent Gordon Seahorse Bucket Hat
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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