Brand Spotlight: We Lace Things Up With KARHU

Come take an up close look at some new and classic offerings from Finnish footwear brand Karhu.

Karhu which means ‘bear’ in Finnish was established in Helsinki, Finland, way back in 1916. The brand originally went by the name “Oy Urheilutarpeita” but changed to Karhu four years later. With an authentic heritage in athletics and a deep connection to the outdoors, Karhu follows the Finnish principles of design simplicity and running purity.  As a running and lifestyle brand, they create products to be part of your daily journey, both on your run and as a part of your everyday wardrobe.

Here are a couple things you may not know about Karhu. Following the 1952 Olympics where Karhu athletes dominated, the company sold their ‘three stripe’ logo to what is now a well-known sneaker brand from Germany. Care to take a guess? Yep it starts with an A. Also in 1970, they developed the first patented ‘Air Cushion’ mid-sole system for its running footwear. Swoosh there it is! Karhu helped mold the biggest brands in the biz.

The Fusion 2.0 is a salute to the original Karhu ‘Fusion’ model from 1996 when it was a top running shoe in their collection. To bring back the ‘Fusion’ from the archives, Karhu reworked this India Ink/Fiery Red iteration with its original designer and launched it as the Fusion 2.0. Total comfort, understated simplicity and pure performance is what Karhu is all about. How about you?

Brand: Karhu
Model: Fusion 2.0 India Ink/Fiery Red
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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