Behind The Canvas With Sketch Skateboards

We recently got the chance to have a conversation with Taylor Watson, the founder of Sketch Skateboards. The following is our take on the Los Angeles based brand and what they are all about. 

Behind The Name

The name Sketch Skateboards actually comes from Taylor’s passion for art because as he says a sketch is the first basis for creating something. “Sketchy” is also a cultural term that’s used to describe the grit and grind associated with skateboarding, so it just fit and he went with it. Taylor first started the brand in 2008 in the Virginia/DC area making custom decks for friends, but relocated to Los Angeles in 2016. 

Making A Difference

When asked what differentiates Sketch Skateboards Taylor says it’s about keeping the core of the tried and true traditional 7-ply skateboard decks, and diving into the finer details that makes the difference. For example his decks are made right here in the USA using homegrown wood from the great lakes area. He prefers a mellow concave shape since skaters’ styles and preferences are moving towards bigger and wider boards these days. He also prefers a tighter taper that’s not too pointy in order to keep the board light weight. Taylor designed all his boards to provide a happy medium that enables a skater to contact the ground quicker than other shapes.

Element of Design

We asked Taylor about his recent designs featuring famous sculptures. He said he was really intrigued by stone sculptures and as he performed a deeper dive and did more research he decided to feature Greek Philosophers. Those decks really caught fire and people were suggesting he do females. That’s how the Greek Goddess decks were born. Taylor said they really had a timely impact due to the recent surge of popularity with women in skating. 

Next On Deck

There are big things in the works for Sketch Skateboards. The team is currently working on some additional Stone Sculpture decks that have a more urban/graffiti vibe. In February at the Agenda show they will roll out their “City Of Angels Collection” inspired by Los Angeles and later in 2022 they are dropping a Warbirds collection based on the fighter planes of WWII. Stay tuned!

Brand: Sketch Skateboards
Model: Athena Deck
Release: Available NOW
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