Take Them To School With The Alphabets Capsule From A.B.C.

Streetwear brand A.B.C. has just dropped some sweet new Alphabets fits for the shorties.

Born in 2016, A.B.C. is a Bay Area based streetwear brand that caters to kids. Founded by four Dads, the company was created on the basis of making an alternative style of clothing for their own children. The name A.B.C. is an acronym with multiple meanings such as Apples, Bananas, & Carrots, All Babies Count, and Art Begins w/ Children, but most importantly, it is the first three letters of the alphabet. These three letters symbolize the introduction to learning the ABCs of the classroom as well as on the street. 

“We love what we do and are blessed to have been able to reach success in the clothing industry, but this project means more to us, because it’s dedicated to our kids. When you think about A.B.C. we don’t want to be known as just a kids clothing brand, we want to be recognized for our social impact with less fortunate children and art/creative development.” – Ryan Mante (Co-founder) A.B.C. does not only talk it, as a company they also walk it. To back up Ryan’s statement, the company donates a portion of every sale to Drawbridge, an arts program for homeless children. As the brand continues to grow, their mission is to further their affiliation with programs such as Drawbridge.org and giveback more to the children’s art community. Respect!

We love all these Alphabets pieces but if we could only cop one it would have to be this Alphabets Hoodie In Orange.  This super cozy hooded sweater is made with two sleek side seam pockets and it even has the Alphabet Cheat code on the sleeve, just in case of a pop quiz or sumpin. 

Brand: A.B.C.
Model: Alphabets Hoodie Orange
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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