Sock It To The Competition With BooSocki

California based streetwear brand BooSocki has just released some new styles that will elevate your sock game.

Straight outta San Clemente, by legendary entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek and Stance Co-Founder Taylor Shupe, BooSocki (Yep! You read that correctly.) socks are made from high-quality yarn and produced in the most eco and socially knit factory in the world, FutureStitch. The brand’s collections have been curated by some of their favorite artists and designers. Give the bird to other socks, toss them in the trash and raise your footwear game to a whole new level with BooSocki.

You’ve got some good ass manners, friend. Keeping it classy has never looked so damn cool than with these Polite MF statement socks from their Boo Basics collection that was designed to provide you high-quality, basic pairs to keep in your rotation. These not so basic socks capture what it means to be a classy bitch, a sophisticated prick, an elegant asshole. Your mom might ask why you always eat so much at family gatherings and to that you’ll reply, “because I’m a polite motherfucker.” Cheers to that! 

Brand: BooSocki
Model: Polite MF Socks
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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