Check This Epic Fall Capsule From Ethik Worldwide

Streetwear brand Ethik Worldwide has just dropped another capsule for fall and this one burns even hotter than the last one.

Ethik Worldwide is an exclusive NYC founded lifestyle brand. With store locations in Toronto, Boston, Philly and New York, the company began doing brick and motor, but has quickly evolved into its own streetwear brand, first offering a few core pieces that put them on the map and then adding more straight fire that might help them own that very same map. Ethik gets its inspiration from a heavy hip hop influence and uses album drops, video releases and art galleries to help create their buzz.

It was difficult to only pick one item to feature but the general consensus led us to this Cherubz Knitted Sweater. Cut form 100% cotton, this full knit fit features a cupid-esque Cherub in deep thought. Maybe he’s contemplating black or white?

Brand: Ethik
Model: Cherubz Knitted Sweater White, Black
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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