Brand Focus: Tiny Tycoon

It’s time for another Brand Focus where we take a deeper dive into the lesser-known brands on the come up. This week we had a chance to sit down with Allan Satim the founder of Tiny Tycoon.

Hi Allan, Let’s begin by talking about the name Tiny Tycoon. What’s the meaning behind it?

Hello, nice to speak with you. Actually my wife thought of the name. We wanted a name that represented big things in small packages, success,  baby ballers, etc. Tiny Tycoon has a nice ring to it and we think the TT makes for a great logo as well. 

Why did you choose kidswear?

I have more than 20 years in the fashion industry. I used to do ladies outerwear but I wasn’t fully into it. I wanted to start my own thing. I actually sold bamboo bed sheets and other products online. I also have kids of my own and I’m always looking for new things for them. I wasn’t satisfied with what was on the market so I decided to make my own and start my own thing.

When did you first launch the company? 

Back in March of this year so we’ve been operating for just under 6 months now. 

How was it launching a new brand during the pandemic?

Other than factories closing, we didn’t have much trouble. It actually gave me time to plan it out strategically. I ended up finding a fantastic all organic factory in Bangladesh and I couldn’t be happier. They sent me videos of all their employee protocol and they took and are taking the pandemic so seriously I knew I found the right place.

We see the company is based in Montreal. Is that where you are from?

Yes, we’re proudly based in Montreal. Speaking of the pandemic we also took it very seriously and businesses were even shut down. Luckily for me e-commerce was considered essential here  and I was allowed to continue to operate, source materials, etc.

Let’s talk more about functional streetwear. Is that what differentiates you from other kids brands?

Oh for sure. One thing that sets us apart is our zippers. They are from YKK and are the best quality you can buy. It’s a major expense but I’m willing to cover it because of our commitment to quality. Our zippers cost more, look better, are more functional and safer since they aren’t metal, kids won’t hurt themselves with them.  There are also noticeable differences with our construction. Our hoodies feature a back scoop that keeps kids’ backsides covered up when they bend over, or are doing kids stuff. Plus everything we make is gender neutral which is what most parents are looking for these days. 

Let’s discuss your giveback efforts with Just For Kids Foundation.

Yes, we are proud of our partnership with Just For Kids. They actually give to the Montreal Children’s Hospital so we love the local aspect.

How  about your team? How many people are behind the scenes? 

It’s really just me full time. I operate out of a warehouse owned by my Dad so he’s a great resource and my wife helps out with designs. I also have a team of talented freelance designers and they do great work. I’d also like to show some love to our little influencers on IG. I’m blown away by the beautiful kids and outstanding quality photos that show off what we have to offer in style!

Any brands that inspired you past or present?

I’m a big fan of Virgil Abloh and Off-White. He’s a true genius. His collabs with Nike and Louis Vuitton speak for themselves. Everything he does is so clean and subtle. Shout out to Virgil! 

What are your thoughts about parenting with

I’m very excited about the opportunity. This is such a huge accumulation of streetwear and we’re looking forward to opening up our collection so more people young and old can see what we are all about. A true luxury streetwear company that’s fully organic and dedicated to kids. 

What are you currently working on and what’s next to hit

Lots of big things are coming. Bathing suits, cargo shorts all made exclusively for comfort and quality. Another thing I noticed is that parent’s with younger kids under 24 months aren’t that interested in our rompers, but would rather have a hoodie/jogger set. People want to dress their kids like them. Something I can relate to. I couldn’t find any clothes as cool as mine for kids, so I made my own.

So there’s the story behind Tiny Tycoon now let’s take a look at the collection. 

Brand: Tiny Tycoon
Model: Organic Essential Hoodie
Release: Available NOW
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