Alf Makes A Triple Play With The Glover From Savalé

We showcase the new Glover sneaker in three colorways from premium footwear brand Savalé and Alphonzo Rawls.

Diverse and creative, Savalé is used as a conduit to influence culture. There is a void in the luxury footwear space and Savalé plans on filling it. The brand speaks to the evolving generation of footwear collectors that have not only quality but collecting in mind. Every shoe is crafted from the finest materials. After an extensive QC process, Savalé footwear is then placed in a custom woven bag to secure its provenance. Each pair receives a certificate of authenticity that is signed by Alphonzo Rawls, the designer and brand creator.

Like Alf says, “Sometimes improving on a classic inspiration isn’t about what is added to it but how it is simplified.” That’s what he had in mind when he created the Glover. This latest sneaker offers a seamless look with its single-layer mono body design. The simplicity of this mono body liner-less construction allows the shoe to hug the foot comfortably and is void of any internal pressure points due to no seams creating unparalleled comfort. In addition, a cushioned walking surface is provided by pairing a hidden EVA midsole combined with a Savalé moisture-absorbent pig leather-lined memory foam insole to ensure that your feet are smothered in comfort. Yum! Smothered and covered, those who know…just know. 

Brand: Savalé
Model: Glover Black, Red, Bone
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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