Brand Focus: Everyone Skateboard Co.

It’s time for another Brand Focus where we take a deeper dive into the lesser-known brands on the come up. This week we had a chance to sit down with legendary skater Al Garcia, the founder of Everyone Skateboard Co.

In case you didn’t know, Al Garcia own Everyone Skateboard Co. and is a Pro skateboarder and a filmmaker. He started skateboarding in 1985. He turned professional at age 20 and has been heavily involved in the skate industry for the last three decades. Al was inducted into the freestyle skateboarding hall of fame in 2008 for his technical attributes, including inventing the 360-hard flip. To this day, it still remains one of the most difficult tricks in skateboarding.

Let’s talk about the name Everyone Skateboard Co. What’s the meaning behind it?

We wanted to create something that appealed to everyone. Not leave anybody out. Diversity, pro skaters, beginners…it doesn’t matter. Everyone Skateboard Co. was created by me for everyone!

When did you first launch the company? 

We officially launched January 2019.

How was it launching a new brand right before the pandemic?

To be honest it was touch and go. There was a fine line between keeping things going and closing the doors. 

What was your biggest hurdle during these troubled times?

Without a doubt it was getting wood products and orders fulfilled on time. We had a run slated for August 2020 and it didn’t get here until around Christmas time. Those are things we were dealing with.

Looks like you’re based in Los Angeles? Is that where you’re from?

Yes. more specifically, we’re actually in Canoga Park, the valley.

Is there anything that differentiates your decks from other brands?

We utilize special molds and our boards are more concave than say a brand like Plan B who make mostly flat boards. Something else we’re dedicated to doing is to utilize reclaimed wood whenever possible going forward. 

I see you have assembled a nice little team. 

Yes…Jim Bates is a legend, Talia May is amazing and Jason Campbell just turned pro and has been truly turning heads in the industry. I’d also like to mention Joel Perez he is our brand’s tech master and is from Los Angeles as well.

Any brands that inspired you past or present?

For sure. I respect what Primitive is doing. Plan B as well. Thank You Skate Co and DGK are also doing great things. They have managed to stay true to their core, but have found unique ways to appeal to the masses. That’s something we strive to do as well.

Let’s talk about these Archie Decks…I assume that’s a licensed collab?

Yes! We were actually competing for the collaboration with another skate brand, but my film producing partner worked with Archie Comics and they loved our ideas and the diversity of our brand “Everyone” is what landed it for us.

What are your thoughts about parenting with

We are always looking for new platforms and channels for our goods. We actually reached out to Matt Falcinelli, the owner of and we hit it off. We’re stoked about the relationship and we mention them on IG and in our Bio. 

What are you currently working on and what’s next to hit

Well, we actually have a lot of things coming up. One is an Holiday Archie Afterlife Collection which will feature Zombie like Archie characters. We’re also doing a board for legendary Pink’s Hot Dogs and get this they are even putting our own Everyone Vegan Dog on the menu which is my creation. We’ve also got something in the works with a candy company and a major toy manufacturer. Details to come. 

So there’s the story behind Everybody Skateboard Co. Now let’s take a look at this Archie hardwood collection. Including this Veronica Deck created for team rider Talia May. Made from 7-Ply North American Hardrock Maple this deck is perfect for  Riverdale’s other  privileged princesses. You know who you are.

Brand: Everyone Skateboard Co.
Model: Archie Veronica May Deck 
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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