It’s Time We All Get Affiliated With THC x Threadz Atlanta

Streetwear brand THC always harvests the pure fire and by the looks of this recent Fall 2021 Affiliated collab with Threadz Atlanta, the getting is good.

Based in Trinidad & Tobago THC is a streetwear brand that has been cultivated from The Hideout Clothing store. Inspired by the surroundings and upbringings of the founders, THC offers a blend of Caribbean themes with strong influences of international fashions and trends. Extensive global travel helps the company offer real organic products that are galvanized by the daily lives of hard working, self-made entrepreneurs. Representing the streets, the come-up and the hustle, THC believes that their brand loyalists are the canvas where dressing is fun, provocative and playful. 

Imagine this….you’re patrolling to block and it starts to downpour. Look to the left and a little shorty is getting drenched, That’s when you open up this Affiliated Religious War Umbrella and you say something along the lines of…. Hey baby! You can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh. Yeah that’s the kind of opportunity that dreams are made of. Don’t sleep! This is a high quality, one of one item offered up for Tree Fiddy. Get it before it goes.

Brand: THC
Model: Affiliated Religious War Umbrella
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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