We Put Our Focus On Some Classic Hardwood & More From Blind

Come along for the ride as we share some of our favorite hardwood and accessories from Blind Skateboards, plus we show a little love for the team. 

Blind is a skateboard company founded by Mark Gonzales in 1988 under Steve Rocco’s World Industries distribution company. Gonzales has since left the company and today the brand continues under the ownership of Dwindle Distribution. The company produces decks, wheels, soft goods and accessories. Team riders include TJ Rogers, Cody McEntire, Micky Papa, Kevin Romar, Jordan Maxham, Nassim Lachhab, Sora Shirai and Jake Ilardi with Shirai, Papa and Ilardi competing in that recent worldwide competition in Tokyo. Although the trio weren’t able to take home a swag chain, Ilardi recently shared this on IG.

“Honored to have skated in the 1st ever Skateboarding Olympics repping @teamusa and Skateboarding! I will remember this experience for the rest of my life!! Thank you everyone who has supported me on my journey and showed love all week! I worked so hard to get where I am today and I’ve had my ups and downs but I appreciate everything I’ve been through that’s made me who I am today. Can’t wait to see what’s next on my journey and where my skateboard takes me! See you in 2024!!!”

Although this isn’t exactly a new item, this Papa Boom Box Deck created for Team Rider Micky Papa is certainly fresh because those graphics hit real hard. Best thing about it is it’s still available. There’s no ability like availability. 

Brand: Blind
Model: Papa Boom Box Deck
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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