Be Fully Prepared For Prime Time With Fresh Fits From Preme

New York based Streetwear brand Preme offers up some new heat to keep summer on sizzle. 

Established? Who cares?! When the world has let you down and the only semblance of clarity comes from a denim maker, you’re screwed! That’s the premise behind Preme and this is a brand we’re happy to get behind. They offer up premium denim and other dope apparel for that crazy thing called life. Line up.

These Traveler Rose Camo Twill Cargo Shorts feature real steel buckles with grinded edges for that strapped up look that has taken summer by storm. Cut for a slim fit, these shorts will get you into or out of any sticky situation. 

Brand: Preme
Model: Traveler Rose Camo Twill Cargo Shorts
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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