Don’t BLNQ On This Handcrafted Eyewear Perfection

If you’re looking for a fresh new set of stylish sunglasses or gaming eyewear, don’t sleep on BLNQ.

BLNQ eyewear is designed in Los Angeles and the brand’s classic, hand-crafted sunglass styles are inspired by the moods of the city and built with only premium materials, lenses and technology. In addition to their sunglass offerings, BLNQ also offers up their premium QTEC blue light lens technology that protects and enhances eye performance, mood and longevity for lifestyles across all digital devices.

Inspired by swagger from the summer of ’85, this retro-inspired Bizz Marque Matte Black frame is a sleek twist on a classic shape. Thirty years later, this style has stood the test of time. A unisex statement piece with premium C-39 lenses that provide optimum visual clarity, smudge resistance and 100% UV protection. Offered for the first time ever with Fire Revo lenses. Just make sure she doesn’t have a “friend”. SMH!

Brand: BLNQ
Model: Bizz Marque Matte Black Sunglasses
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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