Slide Into Style With The Bantha 2.0 Flint from Clearweather

Clearweather has just dropped another iteration of their Bantha Mule. This one’s called the 2.0 Flint  and we’re into it.

As we’ve stated with other posts, if there was one pair of footwear to sum up this pandemic it would have to be the Bantha from Clearweather. They are comfy, they are cozy, but they still offer that certain element of style that sets them apart from any other mule on the market. Clearweather made a few upgrades to the 2.0, most notably by adding a Vibram 524 H Die Cut Rubber Bottom Plate for extra durability outside. Wear this new Bantha 2.0 Flint around the house, around the block or just about anywhere else around the clock. 

Brand: Clearweather
Model: Bantha 2.0 Flint
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

Clearweather is a Southern California based brand and the product of footwear design brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker. Over the years the brothers Brubaker have built the Clearweather brand as an expression of their lifestyle and as a recreation of classics for the future. The Clearweather mission is to create clever footwear designs with premium materials for Men, Women, and Kids. Today the brand represents a combined 30 years of experience in footwear design engineering for brands such as Vans, Converse, Supra, Etnies, éS, and Creative Recreation. 

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