Be Fresh From Top To Bottom With Denim Match Sets From Mackeen

Legendary denim makers Mackeen have released some new jacket and jean sets that will set you up for success in any surrounding.

To put in context what Mackeen means to denim, think about what Supreme means to streetwear. It’s not only a status symbol; it’s a brand that changed an industry. In the 70s everyone who could own a pair was rocking Mackeen. Stars like Farrah Fawcett, Brigitte Bardot and Steve McQueen wore them with pride and they were a sure fire ticket to the head of the line at Studio 54 for anybody else who could afford a pair. The brand went defunct in 1983, but in 2014 it was relaunched. Today, the company is once again setting the standard for wearable luxury. Because premium denim has evolved, the bar has been set higher than ever, but Mackeen is committed to delivering exclusive products that seamlessly marry the past and the future.

Most of us have  been mixing and matching for more than a year, but now that we’re venturing out and about again, it’s  time to put in a little effort. That’s where these  matching jackets and pants from Mackeen step in to save the summer. This pair of Reos Denim Pants and Matching Tee feature jumbo graffiti detailing on the front with a simple clean backside but will look fresh whether you’re coming or going.

Brand: Mackeen
Model: Reos Denim Pants, Reos Tee
Release: Available NOW 
Available on:

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