John Crash Matos x Tango Hotel Round 3 Ding Ding!

Tango Hotel has just dropped their 3rd collaboration with John Matos just in time to head poolside.

Streetwear brand Tango Hotel is the creation of three longtime friends Pro Skater Stevie Williams, Pop Artist Al-Baseer Holly and Richard Hillfiger, the son of Tommy Hilfiger. The Canvas to Reality Series, is an initiative by Tango Hotel that gives artists a new medium to express themselves and their creative talents. Artists range from pioneers of contemporary art, abstract, and surrealist art to artists of sound and motion. In addition to truly appreciated art, the brand looks to the founders of movements and styles.

Based in Bronx New York, John Crash Matos is an American graffiti artist best known for his murals and silk screen prints inspired by the Pop Art movement. His passion was born by spray painting subway cars at age 13. Today, his works are held in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum, the Boca Raton Museum of Art, the New Orleans Museum of Art, and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and many more exhibits worldwide. Inspired by American comic books and early Japanese anime, Crash says, “graffiti was the missing component that helped me put it all together.” His approach of curating art of complexity but yet subtle is what captures the attention of many.

Crash is known for his bright lively colorful art seen explosively on the street or hung on canvas in museums and now you can wear it in the form of these pure fire Crash Boxer Briefs. Let’s face it.. Most of us have been cooped up for way too long. Something has to give! It’s time to get sum.

Brand: Tango Hotel
Model: Crash Boxer Briefs
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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