We Unfold Some T-Shirt Perfection From Paper Planes

Paper Planes recently released their Day Collection of dope tees and you get a first class seat. 

Paper Planes is a clothing lifestyle brand that was created by Emory Jones and Jay-Z for Roc Nation and is now registered to Jay Z’s Shawn Carter Enterprises. The company follows the mantra that “Greatness Is A Process”. That’s fitting because if you have ever folded a paper airplane you know it’s the process that will decide if that thing flies or if it falls on its face. 

We’re definitely feeling all these tees but this Jumbo Jet soars above the others. Cut from medium weight cotton with a bio-wash, we personally love the wraparound effect and we can’t wait to get in a 747 and explore. Yeah we’re not G6 level yet, but quickly gaining altitude.

Brand: Paper Planes
Model: Jumbo Jet Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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