Sink Your Beak Into This New Eagle Fang Collab from Cobra Kai & Contenders

Whether you prefer the leg sweeping style of Cobra Kai Dojo or the defense first philosophy of Miyagi-Do Karate, these new apparel drops from Contenders kick ass.

Contenders Clothing is a lifestyle brand for real people. They design clothing for the contender in all of us. They call themselves “Contenders” because that’s what they are – people driven by goals with desire to achieve greatness in everything they do. The company walks it like they talk it, using only the finest fabrics combined with expert tailoring and artful design.

One thing is certain. Cobra Kai owes a thank you to Covid 19. Actually Netflix and all streaming services should join in the mix. This To Kill A Snake Long Sleeve is the item we like best of the bunch, but we’re also pretty sure a Mongoose can kill a snake. Plus, errybody knows Eagles don’t have fangs.  Nice branding Johnny!

Brand: Contenders 
Model: Cobra Kai To Kill A Snake Long Sleeve 
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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