Restore Our Earth With Sustainable Fits from Brooklyn Cloth

In celebration of Earth Day 2021 Brooklyn Cloth wants to restore our earth and invites you to join the cause.

Established in 2011, Brooklyn Cloth is a leader in on-trend apparel that enables our customers to express their individuality. The brand pulls inspiration from across the globe, and from their backyard of New York City, to develop their bold collections. Brooklyn Cloth is all about unique fabrics, eye-catching graphics and must-have silhouettes.

Brooklyn Cloth not only talks it, they also walk it. The brand does their part to work towards sustainability by taking recycled yarn and weaving it into new fabric. They also source sustainable materials such as recycled polyester and do their part to eliminate waste. They even donate all textile scraps to worthy causes. Respect!

If there is one thing we can use in this word, it’s worldwide peace. This Worldwide Long Sleeve Tee promotes that idea with international graphics from the USA and Japan as well as peace signs displayed like the Olympic rings. Peace Out.

Brand: Brooklyn Cloth
Model: Worldwide Long Sleeve
Release: Available NOW
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