The Messages On These New Fits Are On Point and ALTRU

ALTRU Apparel has released another collection of tees and hoodies with positive messaging for spring 2021 and a better world going forward. 

Born in 2002, ALTRU Apparel is a brand based on art and travel. Built off of seasonal road trips and the inspiration found from local cultures and the surrounding landscapes, ALTRU tells an artist’s story of adventure, wanderlust and being outside. The brand strives to create instant classics; in original designs, through partnerships with relevant artists and in collaboration with iconic brand partners.

When life is in total chaos it’s nice to have a Bestie. Someone you can count on. Someone that won’t let you down. Someone that will bring you soup during a pandemic. That’s what owning this Besties Tee will be like. When you need something it will always be there for support and it will never question your motives. 

Brand: ALTRU
Model: Besties Tee
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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