Spitfire Wants To Help You Keep Rolling With The Punches

Legendary skateboarding brand Spitfire has released some new wheels and re-popped some classics for Spring/Summer 2021.

Founded in 1987 (that’s 34 years ago in case you’re bad at math) Spitfire has been producing high quality wheels and other accessories since they hit the ground pushing. Now operating under the Deluxe Distribution umbrella, the brand continues to create new wheels and pay homage to the classics that put them on the map. 

WTF! Who fed the Mogwai after Midnight? Now the ish is gonna hit the fan. But seriously…Spitfire Formula Four has been developed over many years with a heavy amount of research and development by the Spitfire skateboard team. It’s definitely their most popular and best urethane to date. It offers longer lasting performance, unmatched abrasion, fewer flat spots and gives a lasting speed. These After Midnight Wheels created for team rider Kevin Bradley will help you show your sinister inner self no matter how cute and cuddly you appear to be on the surface.

Brand: Spitfire Wheels
Model: Bradley After Midnight Conical 
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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