These Clinton Shirts From Faded Royalty Get Top Votes

Faded Royalty Has Just Dropped several variations of their best-selling Clinton Shirts. We share our favorite. Which one is yours? 

Faded Royalty is a New York centric streetwear brand. Their motto has always been to deliver great products for competitive prices without being overly produced. They offer an array of premium goods mostly made right here in NYC. Their specialties include hats, t-shirts, cut and sew button-ups, and much more.

It’s cool when brands drop a few different styles of their best selling items, but it creates complete chaos when they drop 8 different options. I mean how the heck are you gonna choose one? We’ll the consensus around the office is this Clinton Shirt 1 with a fern like pattern is commander in chief. Cut from 100% lightweight, soft spun Polyester and it’s made right here in the USA. Yeah you can say it grew on us.

Brand: Faded Royalty
Model: Clinton Shirt 1
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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