Toy Machine Ain’t Kidding Around With These Team Decks by Colt Bowden

Legendary skateboard brand Toy Machine has dropped a collection of team decks in collaboration with renowned artist Colt Bowden.

Although they need no introduction, Toy Machine is a self-proclaimed bloodsucking skateboarding company that has been manipulating loyal pawns since 1993. Through superior deck construction, world-renowned t-shirts, and state of the art wheel design the brand has devoted the last 21 years to brainwashing young skaters into die-hard fans who stay loyal to the quality they have grown addicted to. 

All these Pen and Ink decks deserve their own spotlight but the one that currently holds our attention is this Templeton Mask Deck made for team rider Ed Templeton. Now we don’t know if Ed wears a mask or if they are just busting his balls, but this deck is a sign of the times and we dig it. You only die once. YODO!

Brand: Toy Machine
Model: Templeton Mask Deck 
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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