Outfox The Block With The Aries Fennec From Clearweather

Clearweather has added a cunning new colorway to their collection and this time they used the Aries platform to create the Fennec.

Clearweather is a Southern California based brand and the product of footwear design brothers Josh and Brandon Brubaker. Over the years the brothers Brubaker have built the Clearweather brand as an expression of their lifestyle and as a recreation of classics for the future. The Clearweather mission is to create clever footwear designs with premium materials for Men, Women, and Kids. Today the brand represents a combined 30 years of experience in footwear design engineering for brands such as Vans, Converse, Supra, Etnies, éS, and Creative Recreation. 

We’re feeling this new Fennec. Not only is the Aries one of our favorite silhouettes, but this cunning new colorway features premium, cream, nappy, suede and nappy be in RN while grooming is put on hold. These Aries are sleek, stealthy and stylish just like our four legged friend the Fennec. Don’t sleep on your size and be sure to order a half size up because all Aries run snug.

Brand: Clearweather
Model: Aries Fennec
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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