Extremely Limited AlfCab Decks from Alphonzo Rawls & EverybodySkates Only 50 Made

Everybodyskates has just dropped a very limited run of AlfCab Decks for spring 2021.

Inspired by pop-culture, Everybodyskates is an emerging brand built on parody aesthetic. Started as one skateboarder’s creative passion. The brand took flight on social media through a natural process of feeding a positive demand. Alphonzo Rawls dream continues to be fueled by an organic progression unforced and propelled by the love of creating something people enjoy.

This collaboration between ALF and legendary skateboarder Steve Caballero actually began a hot minute ago with the AlfCab Tees. They were so popular that ALF decided to make these extremely limited collectors decks. Each deck is custom shaped and is signed by ALF and Steve. With only 50 being made you better stop reading and start carting STAT!

Brand: EverybodySkates
Model: AlfCab Deck 
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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