The “Thank You” Project Continues with Alphonzo Rawls and Everybodyskates

This just in. In celebration of February being Black History Month (should be a whole year), here’s another chance to nominate your favorite black skaters and get in on the preorder for the 2021 iteration of the “Thank You” Project by Alphonzo Rawls aka ALF and his brand Everybodyskates.

The “Thank You” Project by ALF and Everybodyskates is in honor of black skateboarders from the past 40 years that have had an influence on skate culture. This project started a few years ago, in celebration of black history month, when ALF came up with the idea to create a t-shirt and crewneck sweatshirt featuring a list of black skateboarders that he personally wanted to recognize and pay homage to and has now evolved as a moving document that is updated to include additional contributors each year.

Alphonzo has reached out to his social media audience to get in on the nomination process asking for suggestions and a brief explanation of the purpose for the nomination. ALF then does some dude diligence and approves the names pending on research. Another dope aspect of this initiative is that ALF is also asking his followers to nominate their favorite charities for a portion of the proceeds to benefit. He hopes to pick one by February 5th.

One difference to point out is this years items will feature 3M printing to make the names pop. The preorder is going on now and Alphonzo hopes to complete the list of winners by February 1st. Shirts are scheduled to drop by February 15th if not sooner. To nominate your favorite skater hit ALF up at Everybodyskates and you can preorder the tee, crewneck and hoodie right here. UPDATE from ALF: Shirts were picked up from the printer today and they’re gonna start shipping tomorrow so orders placed now will be shipped ASAP!

Brand: Everybodyskates
Model: Thank You Project Tee, Crewneck, Hoodie
Release: Preorder Drops Feb 15
Available on:

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