Push Through The Pandemic With Fingerboard Fire From Slushcult

Streetwear brand Slushcult quenches our thirst with a new collection of fingerboards and accessories to help us navigate through these troubled times.

Slushcult is an Orange County lifestyle brand based on a devotion to frozen beverages and snacks alike. The brand is all about being fierce using a bold color palate that many wouldn’t even attempt. The brand has always believed in quality over quantity, now they’re creating products that are made to last to lessen the environmental footprint.

Fingerboards actually date all the way back to the 1960s which were at the time a mere novelty toy. That all changed in 1985 when Powell-Peralta released “Future Primitive” a video in which Lance Mountain rode a homemade fingerboard in a double bin sink. Today thanks to brands like Slushcult, Fingerboarding is making a resurgence and brands like Slushcult are on the forefront. Now let’s take a moment to show some respect for the Mini Mart  Shopping Cart. Available in four colors  it makes for the perfect mini obstacle for fingerboard sessions or shopping for tiny groceries. Yep this cart is going in our cart on the real.

Brand: Slushcult
Model: Mini Mart Shopping Cart
Release: Available NOW
Available on: TheDrop.com

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