Here’s Your Second Chance To Get Strapped Up with Fleecewear Sets from 8&9

Streetwear Brand 8&9 Just restocked their Strapped Up Matching Fleece Sets that sold out on the quick in 2020.

8&9 is an independent, Miami based streetwear brand. Aesthetically 8&9 combines an aggressive anti-establishment attitude with quality design, classic sneaker colorways and re-appropriated pop culture references. The brand is heavily influenced by the beauty and grit of the Miami street scene introducing the 305 to those that aren’t in the know.

If you’ve been paying attention then you know anything strapped up by 8&9 is pure fire and flying off the shelves. We’re expecting the same type of reaction for this restock of their Strapped Up Fleece matching pants and hoodies from the 8&9 collection. As mentioned last time out when they first hit, our favorite item from the drop happens to be this grey pair and that’s probably due to the fact that they are pure fire with them Jordan IIIs, one of our all time favorite sneakers. Pro tip for ordering. These run a tad on the small size so if unsure order one size up.

Brand: 8&9
Model: Strapped Up Fleece Pants Grey
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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