Stay Classy & Be Sassy With Bubblegum Pink

Ladies only streetwear brand Bubblegum Pink has released more sassy wear to kick off 2021 in pure style.

Bubblegum Pink is a socially responsible all-girl brand that is always keepin’ it sweet, yet salty and promoting that vegan life. Their version of the world is all about being love makers, risk takers and troublemakers. The company is committed to helping animals in need and they donate 10% of each sale to the Soi Dog Foundation in Phuket, Thailand, that helps the numerous street dogs and cats who have nobody else to care for them.

Remember the term “Too Drunk To F*&K?” Well, then consider this Too High To Talk Crop Top a straight diss and if they approach it better be with extreme caution! Better yet, get comfy and cozy in this easy to wear sweater. Head out for a mellow night with your girlfriends in this soft fleece cropped sweater. Wear it all night or just when you hit the couch, either way it will fit perfect while keeping busters at bay.

Brand: Bubblegum Pink 
Model: Too High To Talk Crop Top Sweatshirt
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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