Smoke Trees & Drain Threes with LA Bakers Wear from Grassroots

Grassroots has harvested some purple and gold 420 basketball wear inspired by the covid champs. 

Grassroots began making hats for a documentary film they were producing in 2009. Since then they have created fitted hats and snapbacks for some of the biggest names in the industry. Artists ranging from Method Man to the biggest names in the jam scene like Jerry Garcia and Griz to namedrop a few. Today Grassroots provides cutting edge state of the art designs in every item they create. They have thrived to be an industry leader by paying attention to every detail, and providing environmentally friendly hats constructed with hemp, recycled aluminum cans and ballistic material. It’s the little details that matter with Grassroots.

Whether you’re a Lakers fan or not this collection is truly lit. We’d be proud to rock any of the pieces but the item that we are walking away with is this G-Sprout Traveling Hat Carrier. built to protect your headwear, these custom shaped cases were designed to safely transport your favorite hats. It will protect two hats and keep them fresh with a crush resistant shell and eyelets for ventilation. Finally a way to keep those creases off your dome pieces. Legit!

Brand: Grassroots
Model: G-Sprout Traveling Hat Carrier
Release: Available NOW
Available on:

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